0.4T Extremity MRI Magnet

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No eddy current design

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    Unlike a full-body scanner which requires patients to lie flat and go inside the MRI scanner, the extremity MRI scanner allows patients to sit upright while only the arm or leg is placed inside the scanner. The detail and precision of full-body MRI scanners is available in the high-powered extremity MRI scanner, which generates detailed images to aid diagnosis and treatment. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, quick installation and less housing area.

    An extremity MRI exam is used to diagnose soft tissue and bone injuries or problems of the arms or legs including:

    1. Hidden fractures discovered early;

    2. Early diagnosis of fracture combined with peripheral ligament injury;

    3. Accurate judgment of the degree of joint ligament damage and meniscus damage;

    4. The degree of damage to the articular cartilage surface;

    5. Accurate diagnosis of joint cysts;

    6. The degree of muscle damage and fibrosis;

    7. Early diagnosis of osteonecrosis;

    8. Early diagnosis of bony and rheumatic joints;

    9. Various symptoms of joint instability;

    10. Various unexplained joint pains;

    11. Diagnosis of neuroinflammation;

    12. Auxiliary diagnosis of various tumors.

    The magnet is the core component of the MRI system. The permanent magnet designed and assembled with high-performance permanent magnet materials has the advantages of light weight, small footprint, and low cost. 

    Technical Parameters

    1、Field strength:0.4T

    2、Patient gap:206mm

    3、Imageable DSV: Φ180*160mm



    Provide special customization

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