0.7T Open-type Superconducting Magnet

Short Description:

  • Magnetic field strength:


  • Magnet type:

    C-type zero volatilization magnet

  • Room temperature hole:


  • Imaging range:


  • Shimming type:

    passive shimming

  • Weight:

    less than 20 tons

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    Product Introduction

    Superconducting magnet is a general term for a coil made of superconducting wire and a container (cryostat) that maintains its ultra-low temperature. It is widely used in various fields such as electrician, transportation, medical treatment, national defense and scientific experiment.

    Superconducting magnets have no Joule heat loss during stable operation. This is especially true for magnets that need to obtain a strong DC magnetic field in a larger space, which can save a lot of energy, and the required excitation power is very small, and conventional A huge water supply and purification equipment like a magnet.

    In recent years, my country’s superconducting magnet industry has made great progress, with continuous breakthroughs in high-end technology and equipment. At the same time, it has formed a research institution dominated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to undertake research on major projects in the field of superconducting magnets; superconducting magnets equipped with superconducting magnets The localization rate of MRI systems has also increased significantly, which has promoted the advancement of my country's medical device technology.

    At present, superconducting magnets have been used in many fields such as scientific research, power systems, rail transit, biomedicine, military, industrial sewage separation, and magnetic separation. Superconducting magnets have performed well in the medical market. Research on superconducting magnet products in my country is mainly focused on medical applications. For some time to come, medical superconducting magnets will continue to be a hot spot for market research, as well as a hot spot for market demand, and demand will continue to increase.

    Technical Parameters

    1、Magnetic field strength: 0.7T

    2、Magnet type: C-type zero volatilization magnet

    3、Room temperature hole: 450mm

    4、Imaging range: >360

    5、Shimming type: passive shimming

    6、Weight: less than 20 tons

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