3.0T Veterinary Magnet

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No eddy current design

Provide special customization

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    Product Introduction

    Superconducting magnets are magnets made of superconducting wires. They generally work with an external current source. It is convenient and safe to raise and lower the field. It usually works at 4.2K and uses liquid helium as a low-temperature medium inside the magnet. At low temperatures, superconducting wires can run without resistance, so they have very big advantages and are widely used in industry, scientific research, and medical fields.

    Compared with conventional magnets, superconducting magnets have the following advantages:

    1. Superconducting magnets can obtain extremely strong magnetic fields. Although traditional electromagnets can theoretically obtain a magnetic field of any strength by increasing the current, in fact, due to the magnetic loss of the iron core and the heating effect of the coil resistance, its maximum magnetic field strength is also limited. The maximum magnetic field strength of electromagnets is about 2.5T, while superconductors do not have these limitations. The intensity of the magnetic field generated by the superconducting coil is as high as 10-100T. As long as the superconductivity is not destroyed, it can maintain a constant magnetic field without attenuation.

    2. The superconducting magnet is small in size and light in weight. Since superconductors are not limited by the resistance heating effect, the allowable current density of superconducting wires is much higher than that of ordinary copper wires, so the superconducting wires can be thinner and do not require huge cooling equipment, so superconducting magnets can be made very light , Can also save more costs.

    3. The magnetic field of superconducting magnets has high spatial uniformity and time stability. It can also be made into a high gradient magnetic field, which can better meet the requirements of more stringent products. This is also incomparable with conventional magnets.

    4. The superconducting magnet has incomparable low energy consumption characteristics, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the separation device. Although the initial investment is slightly higher than conventional magnets, the operating costs are very low.

    5. The superconducting energy storage has high energy storage density and high energy storage efficiency, and there is no efficiency loss when releasing energy.

    Technical Parameters

    1、Magnetic field strength: 3.0T

    2、Room temperature hole: 200mm

    3、Imaging area: 80mm

    4、Uniformity: ±1PPM

    5、Weight: < 400Kg

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