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Provide special customization

  • Field strength:

    0~18000Gauss continuously adjustable

  • Pole spacing:


  • Cooling mode:

    Water cooling

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    Product Introduction

    An electron is a kind of elementary particle with a certain mass and negative charge. It can perform two kinds of motion; one is to move on the orbit around the nucleus, and the other is to spin on an axis passing through its center. Since the movement of electrons produces moments, currents and magnetic moments are produced during movement. In the applied constant magnetic field H, the magnetic moment of the electron acts like a small magnetic rod or needle. Since the spin quantum number of the electron is 1/2, the electron has only two orientations in the external magnetic field: one is parallel to H, corresponding to low energy Level, the energy is -1/2gβH; one is antiparallel to H, corresponding to the high energy level, the energy is +1/2gβH, and the energy difference between the two levels is gβH. If in the direction perpendicular to H, the electromagnetic wave of frequency v is added to meet the condition of hv=gβH, the low-energy level electrons absorb the electromagnetic wave energy and jump to the higher energy level, which is called electronic paramagnetic resonance.

    Application Scope

    ①Substances with unpaired electrons (or single electrons) appear in the molecular orbital. Such as free radicals (molecules containing one single electron), dibasic and polybasic (molecules containing two or more single electrons), triplet molecules (also have two single electrons in the molecular orbital, but they are very far apart Recently, there is a strong magnetic interaction between each other, which is different from the double base) and so on.

    ②Substances with single electrons appearing in atomic orbitals, such as alkali metal atoms, transition metal ions (including iron group, palladium group, and platinum group ions, which in turn have underfilled 3d, 4d, 5d shells), rare earth metal ions (With underfilled 4f shell) and so on.

    Technical Parameters

    1、Magnetic field range:0~18000 Gauss continuously adjustable

    2、Pole head spacing:72mm

    3、Cooling method:water cooling

    4、Overall weight:<2000kg

    Can be customized according to customer requirements

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