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Desktop EPR

Field strength:0~6500Gauss continuously adjustable

Pole spacing:15mm

Cooling mode: Wind cooling


184mmⅹ166mmⅹ166mm(Net size)

306mmⅹ166mmⅹ166mm(Including heat sink)


Provide special customization

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Product Introduction

This is a desktop electromagnet, also called a desktop electromagnet. It is characterized by small, easy-to-use, flexible, portable, high sensitivity and magnetic field stability. It is a cost-effective research-grade desktop electromagnet that brings convenience to scientific researchers. It is especially popular in the fields of chemistry, environment, materials and life sciences, such as free radical reaction mechanism, chemical reaction kinetics, advanced wastewater oxidation technology, persistent organic free radicals in solid waste, Feton reaction, SOD enzyme reaction, polymerization reaction, Oxygen vacancies, material defects, doping, reactive oxygen species (ROS), NO radicals, etc.

Application Scope

1.Research free radicals in biological tissues

2.Study free radicals in enzymatic reactions

3.Study the primary reaction of photosynthesis

4.Study the original process of radiation

5.Study free radicals in the process of cancer

6.Research on paramagnetic metal ions in biological tissues

Technical Parameters

1、Magnetic field range:0~6500Gauss continuously adjustable

2、Pole head spacing:15mm

3、Cooling method:Air cooling

4、Magnet size:

(L*W*H) 184mm*166mm*166mm (net size of magnet)

306mm*166mm*166mm (including heat sink size)

5、Overall weight:<30kg

Can be customized according to customer requirements

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