Self-shielding Veterinary MRI System

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High-end imaging equipment such as magnetic resonance has entered ordinary pet hospitals, bringing gospel and hope for pets. It is clinically proven that MRI plays a very important role in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of tumors, the formulation of surgical plans, radiotherapy plans, chemotherapy plans, and long-term follow-up observations for tumor recurrence and metastasis after treatment. It is the diagnosis and treatment of clinicians. An indispensable imaging method for pet tumors.

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Since the discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance, it has been widely used in physics, chemistry, food science, medical imaging and other fields.

With the increasing number of pets, the status of pets in the family is becoming more and more important, and new demands are put forward for pet medical diagnosis and treatment.

High-end imaging equipment such as MRI has entered ordinary veterinary hospitals, bringing gospel and hope for pets. Magnetic resonance imaging has the advantages of non-ionizing radiation, multi-parameter imaging, multi-plane arbitrary angle imaging, good soft tissue contrast and high resolution, and is increasingly recognized by the market. As a high-end imaging diagnostic equipment, the magnetic resonance imaging system is of irreplaceable significance in the diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system, tumors, and joint soft tissues. 

 Product Features 

1. No extra MRI shielding room needed. Unique RF shielding design, no need to build expensive shielding room,saving a lot of cost and infrastructure work, greatly shortening the installation time

2. Small footprint, low power consumption, low site requirements, low system cost, and low maintenance cost

3. Abundant 2D and 3D pulse sequences

4. Powerful and easy using MRI software

5. MRI compatible anesthesia monitoring system

Technical Parameters

1、Magnet type: Self-shielding

2、Magnet field strength: 0.3T

3、Eddy current suppression design

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