Gradient Coil for MRI

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The size can be customized according to customer requirements.

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    In the MRI scan system, the function of the gradient coil is mainly to realize spatial encoding. When scanning the image, the X, Y, and Z three-way gradient coils work together to perform slice selection, frequency encoding and phase encoding respectively. When current is passed through these coils a secondary magnetic field is created. This gradient field slightly distorts the main magnetic field in a predictable pattern, causing the resonance frequency of protons to vary in as a function of position. The primary function of gradients, therefore, is to allow spatial encoding of the MR signal. Gradient coils also are critical for a wide range of "physiologic" techniques, such as MR angiography, diffusion, and perfusion imaging.

    At the same time, the gradient coil are also responsible for the function of shimming and anti-eddy current

    Our company provides flat-plate gradient coils with good performance, which can meet the needs of use.

    From a structural point of view, this flat-panel gradient has X, Y, Z three-way gradient coils, easy to connect, and it can be equipped with a water cooling system, which can effectively cool the gradient coil and make the imaging more stable;

    It can also be designed as an actively shielded gradient coil to further reduce the eddy current from the source. Because the most effective way to control eddy currents is to prevent the generation of eddy currents first. This is the motivation to develop active shielding (self-shielding) gradients; the current in the shielding coil is used to run in the opposite direction to the imaging gradient coil to reduce eddy currents. The gradient coil made in this way is reliable and durable.

    Technical Parameters

    1. Gradient strength: 25mT/m

    2. Gradient linearity: <5%

    3. Rise time: ≥0.3ms

    4. Switching rate: ≥80mT/m/ms

    The size can be customized according to customer requirements

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