C-type Veterinary MRI System

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Our MRI, dedicated to veterinary, is a compact, economical, efficient, and convenient system.This MRI is the most classical product in our Veterinary MRI series.  This product is based on the structure of the human medical MRI system that enhances speed and reduces the complexity of pet positioning.

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C-type Veterinary MRI system is a compact, economical, efficient, and convenient magnetic resonance imaging system, dedicated to cats and dogs veterinary imaging.

The C-type Veterinary MRI system inherits the characteristics of the medical permanent magnetic resonance imaging system and is the most classical Veterinary MRI system. The main magnetic field direction of C-type Veterinary MRI is up and down, and the direction of the hospital bed can be moved back and forth and left and right, which is convenient and quick to set up.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the vigorous development of the pet market, the status of pets in the family is becoming more and more important, and the requirements for pet diagnosis and treatment are getting higher and higher. Magnetic resonance imaging has the advantages of non-ionizing radiation, multi-parameter imaging, multi-plane arbitrary angle imaging, good soft tissue contrast and high resolution, and is increasingly recognized by the market. As a high-end imaging diagnostic equipment, the magnetic resonance imaging system is of irreplaceable significance in the diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system, tumors, and joint soft tissues.

The C-type Veterinary MRI system is developed from the C-type medical magnetic resonance imaging system, but the medical magnetic resonance imaging system cannot be directly used for the diagnosis of Veterinary MR.

This is mainly determined by the difference in the body shape characteristics of the human body and the pet. At present, medical MRI systems on the market are mainly for adults, and there is little difference in body size. However, the size of pets varies greatly, from kittens, pet mice, pet turtles, etc., which are less than 1 kilogram, to large dogs that are more than one kilogram. This needs to re-optimize the configuration from the aspects of system hardware, software, sequence and accessories, so that different pets can obtain images that meet the diagnostic requirements.

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