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April is a good season, the weather is clear, the sun is warm, the four wilds are clear, the cherry blossoms are blooming, the catkins are flying, the noodles are peach blossoms, the insects and birds are screaming, the breeze is slow...not the mild cold of March, not the dry heat of May, everything is so It makes people feel relaxed and happy.

In order to enhance the physical fitness of employees, enrich their spare-time lives, release work pressure, enhance emotional communication among employees, and improve employee cohesion, the company recommends that starting from April 23, leave work 20 minutes earlier every Friday afternoon and organize employees to run weekly.


The running distance is ten kilometers. As long as the goal is achieved, no matter how fast you run, jog, or walk quickly; weekly running activities are mainly voluntary, and family members and relatives can be brought along; starting from the company, nearby community boulevards, parks, etc. Schools, fitness trails, lakesides and other places can all be places for us to run and exercise.

After get off work, everyone put on sportswear, sports shoes, sports watches, and knee pads. All sports equipment is properly dressed and we are ready to go.


Everyone, you chased me and completed the ten-kilometer long-distance race in a pleasant atmosphere. Nearby parks, communities, schools, and Huanhu Road have left our shadows and footprints. Driven by us, children from the family and colleagues from brother companies also joined the weekly running team.


The afterglow of the setting sun is shining on our bodies, we sway our sweat, face the sun wantonly forward, and embrace the sun as we run.

Post time: Jun-08-2021