Introduction to EPR

EPR is used to detect substances containing unpaired electrons. It is a powerful tool for material composition and structure analysis, and has important application value in biological, chemical, medical, industrial and agricultural production activities.

Application area: irradiated food monitoring

Food irradiation technology is widely used in industry and agriculture. It is mostly used for food sterilization, inhibiting germination of agricultural products and prolonging shelf life. It plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring food hygiene, safety, reducing pollution and chemical residues. At the same time, under the action of ionizing radiation, the covalent bond of the internal compound will be homogenized to generate a large number of free radicals and radiolysis products. EPR relies on the detection of long-lived free radicals generated by irradiation to identify irradiated foods, such as those containing cellulose, bone, and crystalline sugars.


Post time: Mar-31-2022