Fishing on the Sea-Zhoushan Group Construction

In order to enhance team cohesion, strengthen communication among employees, further enhance the emotions between employees, and create a positive and healthy corporate culture, our company organized all staff to carry out “happy work, unity and cooperation, pioneering and innovative” group quality on July 18, 2021. Outreach activities. According to everyone’s discussion, the address of the team building activity was set as Nansha Beach, Zhujiajian, Zhoushan.

Zhujiajian is a national-level scenic spot, located in the southeast of Zhoushan Islands, Zhejiang Province. It is also called Putuo Mountain’s national key scenic spot with the “Haitian Buddha Kingdom” 1.35 nautical miles away. It is the core tourist area of ​​Zhoushan Islands, “Putuo Golden Triangle” An important part of it is the fifth largest island in the Zhoushan Archipelago, with an area of ​​72 square kilometers. In 2009, it was rated as a national AAAA tourist attraction.

“Shili Jinsha” has fine sand texture, soft like a blanket, gentle beach slope and vast beach area.


With the golden beach, the hot sea breeze, and the blue sea, we can no longer restrain the urge to embrace the sea.


In the sky, I want to be a lovebird, and I have to eat barbecue in the ground. In the evening, we blew the sea breeze on the beach, set up the stove, grilled skewers, and enjoyed the wine.


The sea is vast, magnificent, and inclusive. In this situation, at this moment, we are leaning on the railing, looking at the sea, talking to each other, understanding and cherishing each other.


There was a big harvest when fishing at sea, and the boats were full of seafood. This is the joy of a bumper harvest.


The team building activity came to a successful conclusion, and everyone’s happiness and excitement was beyond words.


Through this event, not only the communication and collaboration between employees have been strengthened, but also the importance of responsibility, collaboration and self-confidence has been deeply felt by everyone. Everyone said that in the future work, they should integrate the spirit of unity and assistance shown in the team building activities into their work, and work together to make contributions to the company’s high-quality development.


Post time: Jul-31-2021