Embarking on a Journey in Autumn – CSJ attends the 2023 ICMRM Conference


The ICMRM conference, also known as the “Heidelberg conference,” is one of the important divisions of the European Ampere Society. It is held once every two years to exchange advances in high spatial resolution magnetic resonance microscopy and its applications in biomedical, geophysics, food science, and materials chemistry. It is the most important international conference in the field of magnetic resonance imaging.

The 17th ICMRM conference was held in the beautiful city of Singapore from August 27th to 31st, 2023. The conference was hosted by the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). It featured 115 scholars from 12 countries worldwide who shared their latest research findings and technological innovations. It was the first time that Pangolin Company from Ningbo, China, ventured abroad to participate in and sponsor this prestigious international conference on magnetic resonance. It was a highly rewarding academic and gourmet event.



Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

  • Research related to the application of spatially resolved magnetic resonance to a large variety of systems including solids, porous media, and biological tissues.
  • Applications of magnetic resonance to engineering, biomedical and clinical sciences
  • Molecular and cellular imaging
  • Low field and mobile NMR
  • Technological advances in magnetic resonance instruments
  • Other exotic experiments

The conference invited 16 renowned scholars from relevant fields to give speeches. In various sessions, experts from around the world presented their research on the extensive applications of NMR/MRI combined with conventional methods in disciplines such as biomedical science, zoology, botany, microbiology, agriculture, food science, geology, exploration, and energy chemistry.

To commemorate scholars who have made significant contributions to the ICMRM conference, the conference has established several awards, including the Erwin Hahn Lecturer Award, the Paul Callaghan Young Investigator Award Competition, the Poster Competition, and the Image Beauty Competition. Additionally, the conference has established the Ukraine Travel Awards, with the aim of providing two study abroad scholarships worth up to 2,500 euros each for students in Ukraine.

During the conference, our colleague Mr. Liu had in-depth academic discussions with renowned experts from foreign universities, and got to know many outstanding Chinese professionals in the field of international magnetic resonance, laying the foundation for communication and cooperation between our company and overseas research institutions.


Have a face-to-face conversation and take a photo with the luminary in the Halbach and NMR fields

During the leisure time of the conference, our staff members and a few friends visited SUTD University, appreciating its architecture with a striking resemblance to the water towns of the Jiangnan region in China. We also toured some of the scenic areas in Singapore, a country known as the “Garden City” for its picturesque landscapes.













Post time: Sep-07-2023